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When people think of a loan, it is usually a private loan that they think of. This is not immediately strange as it is one of the most common and classic types of loans. A private loan is simply a regular loan with no frills that you can apply to in virtually all banks. For this reason, it is not uncommon for such a loan to be called a bank loan, but it is far from only banks that offer private loans. So do many other lenders and credit companies. Futher reading at

What is a Private Loan?

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A private loan is often also called a blank loan and it is a loan with no collateral. You can read further down exactly what this means. Many different types of loans are basically a private loan because it is simply a loan to a private person where you do not need to provide any security.

There are some things that can be good to know about private loans and we will go over them below. It is about how much you can borrow and some other conditions.

loan Amount

A private loan is usually available in the range of around SEK 10,000 and up to about SEK 350,000. It is very uncommon for someone to lend larger amounts than that. If you need more money, this is another type of loan you can look at.

There are some lenders who lend smaller amounts, perhaps all the way down to SEK 1000. SMS loans are really a form of private loans and there you can borrow small amounts, but the limitation we usually do here on the page is that a private loan is a loan you can take for at least 12 months while an SMS loan or micro loan has a shorter maturity. Today, it is more common for lenders to lend small amounts such as SEK 1,000 – 50,000 with a maturity of up to five years.


The repayment period on a private loan usually lies somewhere between 1 and 12 years. The length of the repayment period you want on the loan is largely determined by yourself when you apply for the loan. Your financial situation also usually affects how long you can borrow. If you have good finances, you can be offered longer maturities than if you have a bit of fluctuating finances.

The longer the repayment period you choose, the more expensive the loan will be in total because you will then have to pay interest for a longer period. Be sure to make a careful calculation before deciding on the repayment period. With a long maturity, the cost becomes lower every month, which can be an advantage, but overall you pay more for your loan.—

Credit check before loan

When you apply for a private loan, a credit check is always done to see how good your finances are. There you look at income, old loans and credits, assets, payment notes and the like. Based on this information, the lender determines whether they believe you have a sufficiently good credit rating to take out a private loan.

The requirements for taking out a private loan are higher than many other types of loans. These are higher requirements than for micro-loans, as these are usually clearly larger loan amounts. There are also higher requirements than for example mortgages because mortgages have collateral in the form of your home, which reduces the risk to the lender.


Private loan – A loan without collateral

Private loan - A loan without collateral

You can read more about unsecured loans on our site that deals with this very subject. In simple terms, however, this means that you do not offer the bank anything that they can repay unless you are able to repay the money to the bank. As there is thus a greater risk for the bank, they will normally protect themselves by having a higher interest rate on private loans.

This is where the name blanco loan comes from. “In blanco” means roughly translated “without collateral” and that is, as I said, what applies to a private loan. If you are unable to pay off your loan, the lender can claim the money as much as possible with the help of debt collection and the Kronofogden. However, it is important that you pay off your loan – otherwise the risk is that you will receive even greater debts due to, for example, interest rates and late fees.

The alternative to a private loan or unsecured loan is a secured loan. This is, for example, a mortgage loan or a car loan where your home or car is used as collateral for the money being repaid to the lender according to agreement. In these cases, the loan is often cheaper as there is less risk that payment will not be complete.

If you are not going to buy a specific thing of great value for the money you borrow (such as a house, car or boat) then you need to take out a loan without collateral such as a private loan. Private loans usually work well when you want money for, for example, a trip, renovation or when buying something that you cannot use as collateral (eg an expensive TV or sofa etc).

loan Protection

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Something that has become more and more common is that lenders offer a loan protection together with their private loans. A loan cover is a type of insurance that is meant to protect you when you have problems repaying your loan, for example if you were terminated unexpectedly or were hospitalized / hospitalized.

The loan protection goes in and pays your monthly costs for the loan should this happen. Of course, there are rules with each lender for how long you have to be sick or unemployed before the insurance is valid etc. Usually it is 30 days that is standard.

There are also other rules, for example, that you must have a permanent job when you take out the loan and be fully healthy and not be aware that you are about to be terminated etc. There may be slightly different rules for different lenders.

Collect loans with private loans

Collect loans with private loans

Collecting their loans has become popular. It is at least a modern concept. It’s about taking a big cheap loan (usually a private loan) to cover various old expensive smaller loans. By gathering the smaller loans into a large loan with longer interest rates, you save a lot of money on interest costs each month.



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This way you can save on your bank charges Wed, 04 Sep 2019 23:04:04 +0000

As the end of the year draws to a close, we thought about giving you some tips to help you lower your bank charges. That way, you can spend less on managing your daily finances next year, and in 2019, you can spend more on Christmas presents. In addition to the general tips, here are some good bank accounts.

Belt bag versus digital world

Unfortunately, many are still in the XXI. Even in the 20th century, the slogan “no hassle code does not ask for a code” is true, but if we are only a little conscious of how we manage our finances, we can see that postal check payments and home savings are long overdue.

Instead of paying by check, choose a much more convenient and faster way of transferring money , and set up a direct debit for monthly overheads.

You should use a comparative calculator to select the bank account that best suits you . Here you can set the average number of remittances we receive each month, including regular remittance and direct debit. It is also important to choose whether you would like to receive notification sms about all of our money transactions in your account, or just be notified of our card spending. It is also worth setting the amount that you receive on your account on a regular basis, as this may result in a more favorable account package.

It is definitely worth applying for a credit card

It is definitely worth applying for a credit card

This is the so-called touch card, which is usually called PayPass. Usually you will need a relief credit card when you go abroad and want to rent a car or the hotel has not been prepaid. Otherwise, it is advisable to request a cheaper electronic card where the card numbers are engraved on the card and not prominent. For Internet use, some banks may require an Internet card separately.

Keep in mind that you can withdraw cash from any domestic ATM for free by law if we make a statement to that effect. The law provides free cash withdrawal up to HUF 150,000 per month and two transactions per month. Whichever of the two limits applies, whichever month the client reaches earlier in the month. And if you do withdraw cash more than once a month, you should set this up in the comparator, as there are several bank accounts that offer additional free or discounted ATM options.

Banking can even be completely free

Banking can even be completely free

The Good Finance Digital Account Package has been available since December 3rd this year, and is currently the best in our comparative calculator in almost every category. The bank does this by not requiring a monthly minimum incoming credit. The real interesting thing about this account package is that if you apply for an embossed credit card and purchase at least $ 150,000 a month with it, the bank will refund $ 10,000 of your annual bank charges each year .

If you don’t have a lot of wire transfers or cash withdrawals, we won’t even cross this $ 10,000 limit, so you can use your bank account for free. This is to encourage us to use our credit card regularly for purchases. And with a monthly spend of $ 50, you can easily get involved when it comes to monthly purchases by a family.

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Tips that will help you in marriage finance Mon, 02 Sep 2019 05:19:59 +0000

Life in marriage brings multiple experiences. Some of course are better than others, and among those others, we can place the subject of finance.

As it is a very sensitive issue, it is good that it is organized so as not to fall into marital problems.

Financial planning is the only way to become aware of the economic needs in the home and determine the most appropriate strategies to achieve common goals.

So that you can find peace in your marriage, we help you with some advice that will help you, at least, in terms of finances:


Do not hide expenses

If both know the other’s financial movements, misunderstandings are saved and each one will know what the other wants.

It will also give the opportunity to define what the priorities are for both of them and start working to make common dreams come true.

Therefore, at this point the key is to tell the truth about the debts, expenses, investments and consumption habits with which each one bears.


Save together

It is key to start a culture of savings in a constant and periodic way, and protect the built heritage. That will help not only meet short or long-term goals, but will also provide peace of mind when an unexpected event arrives.


Set common goals

Set goals

Defining common goals is as healthy as a couple can do in terms of their economy. The objectives as a whole can function as an engine and incentive, and can lead to great savings.


Distribute responsibilities

In the same way that daily tasks are divided, the way in which expenses will be distributed must be defined.

The idea is that no one feels overwhelmed with all the expenses, nor that he feels that he does not have enough management of household finances. In this way it helps to avoid disagreements and problems.


Maintain some economic independence

Distribute responsibilities

Although it is about the person with whom it has been decided to share life; When it comes to managing finances, it is worth distinguishing between what is from one, from another, and what is from both.

Therefore, it is essential to agree if a collective account will be created, or that each one contributes from the own one. Yes, that each one has their own account is the best way to handle personal expenses.



Make a monthly budget in advance

Structuring a monthly budget is key. Just as it is in terms of personal economy, it is so important in conjugal life.

This resource allows to analyze the financial realities so that the goals and real objectives that will be sought during the couple’s life can be established, in addition to helping to detect and direct the savings.


Save before growing the family

Save before growing the family

It is necessary to take advantage that there are no strong expenses to save. It is relevant that, from the beginning, savings habits are created that are part of the routine.

Making a change of habits, or a good management of the money in the day to day, like reducing the exits and the use of fuel for example, among many other options; will gradually increase the savings destined to be a backup when enlarging the family, at which time unavoidable expenses are presented.


Sign prenuptial contracts

This case is extreme, and it doesn’t always happen. These contracts are quite unfriendly but allow you to make the accounts clear from the beginning. But even so they do not exclude the conjugal society, it only serves to determine which goods conform it and which do not.

Already tipped the advice, it is time to apply them. Perhaps only a few are enough, or perhaps only one serves as an initial kick to start organizing your conjugal life.

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Change mortgage insurance:Insurance to save money Tue, 06 Aug 2019 22:55:30 +0000

Recall that since the beginning of the year two thousand and eighteen, all people who have subscribed a borrower insurance to cover a mortgage against the risks of life have the opportunity to change mortgage insurance . Depending on the case, the termination of a credit insurance contract by another can generate up to thirty thousand euros in savings by saving up to 30 K €!


How to work your mortgage?

How to work your mortgage?

Among the projects of a lifetime, becoming a full owner of one’s property is one of the goals. Home ownership is financed mainly by the establishment of a mortgage. So, you have to know how to surf the wave of interest rates down to achieve several thousand savings on the cost of borrowed money .

From renegotiation to renegotiation, the cost of your mortgage can be reduced by two! The second element that is part of the Pattycorement immobilier plan is the credit insurance coverage. Changing mortgage insurance can save you small amounts of money that accumulate in thousands of euros over the life of the loan .


Change mortgage insurance

Change mortgage insurance

So, the first question that comes to mind is ” Why do I have to change mortgage insurance? “. So, it should be noted that group insurance contracts offered by banks are two to three more expensive. Indeed, the subscription of a borrower insurance policy is cheaper when it is subscribed directly by the borrower with the insurer.

Because it should be known that the borrower insurance proposed by the bank is identical to the level of the guarantees supported, but different when its financial cost. Your banker earns high margins on the amount of your term of credit insurance.

There was a time during which the banks made it mandatory to subscribe to their group contract, and this without the possibility of termination. That’s why the Lagarde law of July 1, two thousand and ten has stopped this monopoly by giving the right to borrowers to subscribe their insurance borrower from the insurance company of their choice! The Hamon law strengthened this system by giving borrowers the possibility of terminating their group insurance contract during the first twelve months of amortization of the mortgage.

So this is not over with new features in early 2018 that offers the opportunity for all borrowers to change mortgage insurance on each anniversary date of the mortgage.


The loan insurance delegation

loan insurance

The borrower insurance contract on assignment is always more advantageous than the group contract of the bank. As mentioned in the above-mentioned paragraph, the banks are booming with up to fifty percent margin. On the other hand, a borrowing insurance delegation makes it possible to subscribe essentially to the necessary guarantees. The contract is tailored to the needs of the subscriber .

For example, a smoker who quits smoking can with a creditor insurance delegation readjust his contract as soon as possible. as a result, it makes it possible to pay less, while a group contract does not allow readjustment according to the medical condition of the borrowers. Delegated contracts even make it possible to maintain the same coverage in the event of health deterioration.

Also, the loan insurance delegation is the opportunity to obtain the best guarantees at the same price as the group insurance, see more attractive. So how to get an offer of delegation to change mortgage insurance insurance? The steps can be taken by the borrowers themselves. However, it is highly recommended to use an insurance broker. It is a true professional who determines the best insurance coverage borrower according to the expectations and needs of the subscriber .

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Save in dollars or pesos? Fri, 02 Aug 2019 23:17:11 +0000

When we start our savings or when we already have accumulated savings, the question arises. Wouldn’t it be better to save that money in dollars? Perhaps the automatic answer that comes to mind is, of course, the dollar is worth more than the peso every day and this, until today is true, at least, if we compare it with our currency, but that is not necessarily the correct answer to this question.

Save in a strong currency


When you decide to save in a strong currency, as in the case of the dollar, you should keep in mind that when you buy the dollars to deposit them in your account, they have a more expensive price, than when you are going to withdraw it, for example , you buy from the bank 1 dollar for $ 47.60 pesos and sell it for $ 46.90. That is, if you decide to start saving in dollars and want to start with $ 100.00 in terms of Dominican peso you have $ 4,690 pesos instead of $ 4,760, this is as long as you decide to withdraw your savings in dollars in the short term, for example 1 or 2 months

Key to saving in dollars is to wait in time


So now you ask yourself, what is the benefit of saving money in dollars? The point or key to saving in dollars is to wait in time, since, as we mentioned at the beginning, the dollar has a tendency to strengthen and therefore in a period of 1 or 2 years you will have more money than now, first, because it will have a greater value and secondly because those dollars, if they are in a savings account, generate interest.

Do not put your savings in a single currency

Do not put your savings in a single currency

Knowing this What do we recommend? Do not put your savings in a single currency, save both in pesos and dollars, if the saving is in dollars, it must be long term, for example, to acquire a property, change your vehicle in 5 years or study of your children and if you save your short-term goals in pesos, for example, your next vacation, buying furniture or remodeling.

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Access to Microcreditos with Arnif Sat, 27 Jul 2019 05:52:43 +0000

The microcredits with ARNIF represent an opportunity to obtain financing when you need to face an economic emergency, such as a sudden and expensive breakdown in your home, or in the premises of your business. There are many reasons why another entity may have included you in the record of unpaid ARNIF, and that can make it very difficult for you to access loans or credits through traditional channels.


Get access to microcredits with ARNIF

Get access to microcredits with ARNIF

Since the times of the crisis, the microcredit with ARNIF has become an essential solution for a large number of people who have needed to solve short-term money problems. For example, in case of a serious breakdown in the home or business, which insurance for some reason does not cover, this type of financial products represent an opportunity to get ahead.

Among the microcredits with ARNIF that you can access from Bonsai Finance you will find the offers of various entities, so that it will not cost you to choose the loan conditions, such as the amount you want to request, and in what time and with what fee you want to return it. . No matter what your resources are, here you can get the right money to solve that specific problem.

One of the main advantages of the microcredit with ARNIF is that you will not need to present a payroll. It will be enough with any other proof of income, which can be of many types.

The other great advantage of these microcredits is the great speed of money concession. The application is made electronically through the Internet in the portal of the entity of your choice. The paperwork will be minimal, and you just have to fill out a couple of forms with your personal data and those of the bank account in which you expect to receive your money. It’s that simple and fast. This financing solution has been designed so that people can access a certain amount of money quickly, as a matter of urgency.


How to get your microcredit with ARNIF

How to get your microcredit with ARNIF

Even if your name is included in the list of unpaid ARNIF, you will get a microcredit. You will simply be redirected to the portal of the entity in which you are interested, accessing from our search engine. The only thing you need to start evaluating your options is a device with an Internet connection and, at least, a mobile phone to guarantee financial procedures.

With your microcredit you can leave a complicated situation of sudden disbursement without having to worry about giving explanations to those responsible for the entity or having to make long queues. You can also forget about the traditional bureaucracy of traditional banking.


Microcredit simple requirements

Microcredit simple requirements

In order to apply for your microcredit with ARNIF you just need to gather some simple requirements.You must have a residence in Spain, you need to have a current account in any bank that has an office in our country, and you need to be older. Fulfilling these requirements, and depending on the amount of the loan, those responsible for the entity will assess your ability to return and you will be granted in a few minutes.

The only thing you should do is establish the amount of money you want to receive, as well as the period of time you would need to return it. Providing your data through a simple online form the entity will have everything you need to assess your request and approve it. Although you will not need to submit a payroll for these applications, you will usually be required to have a mobile phone or email, any of which will serve to confirm and finish processing the microcredit request with you.

Now that you know everything you need to apply for microcredit with ARNIF, do not miss the opportunity to get funding for that little emergency.

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Loans for shopping or travel? – Payday Loans Sat, 13 Jul 2019 13:20:12 +0000

If you need a small loan of money for, for example, just to shop at your local mall, or if you dream of traveling to the south, then this is very easy to get. Here we will say a little about what loans you should consider if you do not need to borrow too much money. There are some loans that are more calculated for amounts up to 25,000.- It is easy and fast and you can have the money on hand soon. See of critique.

Shopping can prove to be an expensive habit if you want some extra luxury in life. 


Both men and women love to shop. It is nice to pamper yourself with new clothes, a new comforter in the bed, beauty care, or maybe a pair of new shoes or running shoes.

One solution might be to take a “shopping loan”. This is perfect for those who have little money on their credit card when you go shopping with friends or boyfriends. It might just start with a simple cafe visit and a delicious coffee latte or a brunch with “the girls”.

There are several loan providers to choose from, so you can choose the terms of the amount, etc .. You are the borrower in the driver’s seat and make all decisions.
It’s a quick and easy way to borrow money , which more and more people are using to get their wishes fulfilled on the shopping trip. We can recommend you Leasy and Thorn, but we will return to this below.

Borrowing money for the dream trip?


You can get a travel loan today if that is what you are thinking about. It’s easy, fast and everything is done on the internet. You can read more useful information about loans.

“To travel is to live,” said Hans Christian Andersen. And that is as true as it is said. There is nothing like experiencing another part of the world and meeting many interesting people who have had a completely different upbringing and culture than yourself.

It is educational and interesting, and it is healthy to expand its horizons.


There are so many exciting places in the world to visit, but the only downside is almost always expensive and costs a small fortune to experience the world.
If you also want to get out to experience the world, take a loan today and get out there.

No matter how much money you need. Enter your name and email today, either below this post or in the top right, and we can help you along the way.

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